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38910 ŌNOX Hand/Skin Cream®

ŌNOX Hand/Skin Cream® is an all-natural ingredient cream, white in color, light medicated scent, formulated to replace lost moisture while healing dry, chapped, cracked and sore hands and skin. The ŌNOX cream is not a barrier cream. There is no silicone in the ŌNOX cream. Therefore, it can be used as needed without clogging pores.

The ŌNOX cream was developed mainly for industry and family. It soothes and moisturizes skin, maintains natural skin pH, restores healthy skin, and speeds up skin’s natural healing ability. 

Unlike ordinary hand creams, ŌNOX cream is formulated specially to protect against chemical and industrial irritants. It guards the skin’s vital acid mantle, while its natural pH formula helps heal rough, cracked, and sore hands. It is an effective agent in preventing and healing contact dermatitis. 

ŌNOX hand cream comes with different sizes. 

38910 - each case has 12 of 8 oz. jars. Gross weight 10 lbs.

(To order, please email, call, or fax to our office. Retail customers please visit ŌNOX store at

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