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38930 ŌNOX Hand/Skin Cream® - Tubes

ŌNOX Hand/Skin Cream® is an all-natural ingredient cream, white in color, light medicated scent, formulated to replace lost moisture while healing dry, chapped, cracked and sore hands and skin.

The ŌNOX cream was developed mainly for industry. It can be used by all personnel in manufacturing, production, maintenance, lab, medical, and offices. It is effective in preventing and healing contact dermatitis.

The ŌNOX cream is not a barrier cream. There is no silicone in the ŌNOX cream. Therefore, it can be used as needed without clogging pores.

Each case has 12 x 5 oz. plastic tubes. Gross weight 5 lbs.

(Distributors, customers with large orders, and customers with own shipping account, please contact our office directly. Retail customers please visit ŌNOX store at

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