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40010 ŌNOX Clean-Off

ŌNOX Clean-Off is a waterless cleanser which removes the poison urushiol oils of poison oak, ivy, sumac preventing the rash and problems which come with plant contact. Employees who are exposed to these plants will get immediate care which equipped with ŌNOX Clean-Off. 

Just spray the effected area with Clean-Off, then tissue off. Repeat as necessary using a clean tissue. Running water is not required. 

Special Bonus: Can be used for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes or minor skin irritations too.

Available in a 4 oz. pump spray.

(Distributors, customers with large orders, and customers with own shipping account, please contact our office directly. Retail customers please visit ŌNOX store at

Phone: 1-800-533-6669 or 1-209-824-0011

Fax:     1-800-242-6668 or 1-209-924-0022


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